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Daumier is one of the most frequently copied artists of the 19th century.Already during his lifetime, Daumier complained about forgeries being offered on the market.The purpose of such specimens was as follows: Daumier collectors were well aware of the fact that because of censorship pressure LA CARICATURE was in financial difficulties.

There surely exist more than these 14 drawings that carry a watermark, but these have not yet been identified.

After he passed away, the sculpture, showing slight chips and minor damages, was not offered via any of the major auction houses as one might have expected, but by a small upstate New York auctioneer. The publication of the black and white and of the colored print was banned, the suspense of Daumier´s prison sentence for “GARGANTUA” was rescinded, Daumier was arrested by the police on August 27, 1832 and was imprisoned until January 27, 1833.

Many collectors had not been aware of this auction. The print indicates that “LES BLANCHISSEURS“ is no.33 of the series “Caricatures Politiques” (called “Caricature Politique” from September 1833 onwards).

Up to now, we are aware only of one single Daumier DR39 specimen print.

The Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, which owns an almost complete Daumier print collection, was not aware of the existence of such specimen prints.

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